Auto Restoration
in Lubbock, TX

If you’ve got a classic car or vintage model that’s showing its age or needs a little love, bring it into American Muscle Car Factory! We offer owners a complete range of auto restoration services to breathe life back into these vehicles—from paint and bodywork to upholstery, mechanical, and customizations. Everything we do is held to the highest standards of quality.

Complete Restoration

When it comes to classic car auto restoration in Lubbock, TX, we feel our abilities are second to none. Our mission is to restore the beauty and appeal of your vintage vehicle, while maintaining its authenticity.


From classic paint matching, to completely custom paint jobs, we’re capable of giving your vehicle the look you envision for it. We can paint the entire vehicle or do a little touch-up, for a finished aesthetic that’s sure to turn heads at car shows and out on the road.


With full, frame-off restoration capabilities at our disposal, we’re your experts when it comes to high-quality bodywork. We can even take a vehicle down to the bare metal to build it back from the ground up! We’ll keep you updated on the process with pictures and jaw-dropping results.


Whether you’ve got custom fabric or want rich leather upholstery, we’re glad to provide it. We can repair the upholstery of your auto or outfit it with fresh material to restore its full beauty and comfort.