Auto Upholstery
in Lubbock, TX

How you feel in your classic car is just as important as how it looks. Don’t let age-worn auto upholstery in Lubbock, TX be the bane of your otherwise flawless piece of automotive history! Let American Muscle Car Factory provide you with the auto upholstery services your vehicle demands. From custom work to straight restoration, we promise the interior of your car will look as good as the exterior when we’re done.
auto upholstery

Custom Upholstering in Lubbock, TX

When it comes to car upholstery in Lubbock, TX, there are numerous options. We’ve worked with owners who want a precise recreation of their original upholstery, as well as those who want something a little different! Whether we’re reconditioning old leather or putting in brand-new fabric, count on us to make sure the job is done properly and thoroughly. Whatever your interior preference, we guarantee you’ll roll off our lot comfortably.

Our Upholstery Expertise

In addition to our experience with different styles and interior approaches, we’re also experts when it comes to working with various materials. From authentic and synthetic leathers, to fabric and vinyl, to composite materials and carpeting, our crew will carefully upholster your vehicle with best-in-class materials and time-tested precision. Whether you prefer the richness of leather, the authenticity of fabric or a totally custom carpet color, rest assured we can deliver it.

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If your classic car or vintage vehicle is lacking the flash and allure of quality upholstery, let American Muscle Car Factory change that. Using the best materials and expert precision, we’ll make sure your interior is given the full treatment. Let us help you restore its classic appeal or transform your interior into something truly custom!

Reach our upholstery experts today at 806-791-4073 for more information about our capabilities or to discuss pricing and estimates on upholstery services.

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