Auto Restoration
in Lubbock, TX

If you’ve got a classic car or vintage model that’s showing its age or needs a little love, bring it into American Muscle Car Factory! We offer owners a complete range of auto restoration services to breathe life back into these vehicles—from paint and bodywork to upholstery and customizations. Everything we do is held to the highest standards of quality and we guarantee you’ll love the results.
auto restoration

Complete Restoration

When it comes to classic car auto restoration in Lubbock, TX, our abilities are second to none and always flawless. Our mission is to restore the beauty and appeal of your vintage vehicle, while maintaining its authenticity.

Classic Restoration in Lubbock, TX

class car restoration

Unlike other shops that provide bodywork for late-model vehicles or collision repair, we specialize exclusively in classic car restoration in Lubbock, TX. We know how to handle old American muscle and vintage models, as well as classic imports. We pay special attention to the details and demands of these vehicles to make sure they not only look beautiful, but that they retain their authenticity.

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Have an old muscle car you’re trying to fix up? Need to give your vintage model a little TLC to restore its classic appearance? Schedule your appointment with American Muscle Car Factory today at 806-791-4073 and let us work our magic on your vehicle.